The Plan: Sixty Days

Summer “vacation” is quickly approaching.  The last day for teachers at my school is Thursday, May 27th.  I’m not required to return to my teaching job until Tuesday, July 27th.  That gives me eight weeks and four days.

In those scant days, I will be expected to help my husband take care of our three children, keep the house to some modicum of safe cleanliness, do some grocery shopping, gardening, clutter reduction and make a few meals. Omg, I’m a mother.

The rest of the time (at minimum, four hours a day/six days a week) will be spent writing, editing, revising and submitting for publication.


1.  Revise current novel (currently called It Would Be So Easy) until it can’t be revised any more and query a few great agents.

2.  Write this blog everyday outside of the four hours of writing time in order to force myself to maintain my focus on these goals and to share the exquisite websites, blogs, books and articles that I find and use constantly while “learning” to write.

3.  Submit articles, stories and poems that I have revised/edited previously for publication in magazines, ezines, books, literary mags, etc.

4.  Actually make money by writing.

What supports are already in place?

1.  My writer’s group, The Sundae Writers, has been meeting for ten years.  We are a small, supportive, focused critique group and some of us meet weekly!

2.  My husband actually convinced me to do this and supports me completely.

3.  My mother didn’t discourage me.

4.  My kids expect it.

5.  I live in the only state in the USA that grows coffee.

6.  My mobile writing studio: the back seat of my minivan, laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter, thermos of coffee, with a view of the volcano!

Supports to be added:

1.  You will send me encouragement, anecdotes,  questions, blogs/websites and your love.

2. Jumpstart: Yes, it is only May 19th.  That gives  me a jumpstart on the goal.  By 5/27, the blog will be in place, more revision/editing will be done and the plan will have solidified.


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