Time, the ever elusive

I can never get enough of it.  I despise the phrase, “killing time.”  I don’t know how people can be “bored.”

Some of us work too long and hard for the “man,”  some of us spend too much time with electronics (TV, computer, video games), some of us sleep too much.

How is our time really best spent?

Whoa, I didn’t mean this post to get so philosophical so fast.  For the five years I lived without a TV, a question I was constantly asked was, “How do you have time to do so many different things?” Which I always thought was funny because my role models were doing so much more and at such better quality than I was.

Now that I have three kids, four dogs, six chickens, a cat, a house and a husband, I can’t imagine how much time I used to have.  I tease my childless friends about sucking the marrow out of every single lazy Saturday morning that a toddler doesn’t wake you up at 5:30 AM with some crazy question like, “Can I paint?”  (Actual question from actual three year old.)

Part of this blog and the “great summer goal” is to force myself to use my 60 days of summer to the best advantage possible towards  my own personal intention.

So, let’s get down. Today was the last day of school for kids.  The blog is underway, I’ve been able to get one done each evening with some prewrite the evening before.  Thursday is my last day of work.

Friday: Day with Jackie in Hilo- Write two hours (at least)at Kope Kope (coffee shop with minimal distractions) and get a critique on chapter one.

Sat/Sun: break, family time.

Mon-Friday: 12-4 Write in my van.  No excuses.  Go.

Blog every night to keep you all up to date.


Hey, anyone else want to set a writing goal?


2 thoughts on “Time, the ever elusive”

  1. I dont understand people who say they are bored either!
    Right now the only writing i’m doing are soccer parent info, swim club beginning of season packets, Sunday School Lessons, class projects, vacation plan spreadsheets, and learning to baseball scoring!

    But love reading your blog 🙂 good job!

    1. Aw, thanks Erika! If you weren’t doing all of that functional writing, what kind of writing would you like to do? Parenting essay? Romance novel? hmmm…

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