Writer’s Group: Essential

Ok, there is no way I would have written two novels and published a book on teaching Reading, if I hadn’t met Jackie, Darlene and Lora.

We have been writing, critiquing, drinking, and eating together for ten years.  These are the ladies who grinned through 17 drafts of  “Pure Intention, the story of a summer,”  laughed through my dead animal shorts and met extra times to revise, edit and push me through the publication work on my book.  They are my best friends.  They know more about me than my husband and my mother put together (very scary, I know!).

We are all teachers and we started out at the same school.  By now, we have expanded by location and job description, but we still manage to get together often to write,  talk and critique.  Lora is moving away this summer to California to seek her fortune and we will miss her stellar editing skills, brilliant intellect (I’m not just saying that.  She had a perfect SAT score) and sunny smile.

This summer, Jackie and I will refine our novels together and Darlene will pop in when she can to add her poetic touches.

Believe you me, if you want to write, making commitments and having like minded friends who expect it of you can make all the difference.

Hey, you all are kind of like a writing group for me.

Send me your work and I’ll give you a critique…and a big sweet cup of coffee!

How about this?  Send me something you’ve written for me to critique.  You can even choose the “guiding questions” and I’ll also send you a wee little sample of Ka’u coffee  (If you’re in the know, then you know that Ka’u coffee recently took the top three coffees in the world contest.) Just for fun, why not?  Do you have the writeintention?


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Group: Essential”

  1. To be honest with you, just the name of the blog is fascinating. You could write whatever you wish and I already know it’s witty, entertaining and inspirational. But that’s just me. In fact, I wish you could write a title for my blog, but since that’s an effort of mine to write something, it probably should be my own, sink or swim! Come to think of it, that may be an interesting blog title in and of itself. Thank you for inspiring creativity!

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