That’s What She Said

Quotes by my favorite authors:

Natalie Goldberg:  (rough paraphrase, I can’t find the quote)

“Books provide us with mind to mind transmission.  When you read, you are inside the author’s head.  There’s no other way to do this.”

Natalie,  again, on “why schoolteachers stay away from the meat of writing.

To have us contact our raw minds  in class would have incited immediate chaos: hoards of teenagers bolting from their neat rows of wooden desks and dashing for the water fountains as though the roots of their hair were on fire.”

Francine Post from Reading Like A Writer:

“Because one important thing that can be learned by reading slowly is the seemingly obvious but oddly underappreciated fact that language is the medium we use in much the same way a composer uses notes, the way a painter uses paint.  I realize it may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how easily we lose sight of the fact that words are the raw material out of which literaturare is crafted.”

Here’s an old adage I’m not sure can be attributed to anyone:

“You want to write?  Then WRITE!”


2 thoughts on “That’s What She Said”

  1. I’m sure you’ve read it, but my favorite book on writing is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.
    Your posting about time made me think of Time the Revelator by Gillian Welch. Great album!
    No boredom here–lots of reading but not much writing (not the fun writing anyway). Ruby is showing signs of being a great storyteller at least.

    1. Yes, that is a great one. And her website, wordbyword…although, I just googled for it to no avail. I’ll have to check out Time the Revelator, sounds good. Kalea is another storyteller, right now she is playing with her dolls in the bath, she is “grandma.”

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