I’ve only just begun!

Today Jackie and I spent most of the day at our new hot spot, Kope Kope in Hilo.


We’ve abandoned Border’s Hilo because it is just too distracting.  Although, for book and magazine reading and general hanging out, Border’s is still the spot.   At Kope Kope, there is also coffee (essential), food and clean tables.  Kope Kope is much quieter and not nearly as busy (insane) as Borders.  There are many more available plugs (and even power strips!) Of course, there are things going on- Japanese people talking loudly in Japanese and one of the waitresses practicing with her cool poi balls–  a maori dance implement- click below for more info-


She was really good though.  She practiced for like two hours.  Maybe she didn’t work there after all.

Jackie and I usually chat our heads off and have trouble focusing, even at her house.  So we instituted a rule.

We would write or revise for one hour straight and then take little breaks.

If we needed to talk about something, we would write it down on a post it to talk about or do later.  It worked!

We wrote for three hours!  Yippeee. I read straight through my novel up to page 65 (out of 180 pages) making changes and notes as I went along.

‘m trying to get a feel for the plot and if it needs more rising action, falling action and twists.  Right now, my goal is to read the whole way through and tighten.  I’ve made changes as I go, but for now I’m ignoring verb tense and point of view. This means I’m skipping between Alex, the main character telling the story and a third person omniscient point of view (god-like know it all).  I’m going between past tense and present tense.  But, instead of deciding which it should be and changing it all only to change my mind again and go back and change it all again, I’m letting it ride for a bit.  I’m going to work on a “plot chart” on which I will “draw” the plot on a line graph showing rising action (good, happy stuff happening to the main character) going up and falling action (mishaps, problems, tragedy) going down.  I’m hoping that will help me “see” the whole plot more clearly.  One challenge of writing a novel is keeping most of the plot in your head while simultaneously  making it up and revising all along.

Alright!  Well, the weekend is here!  Hooray.  Saturday and Sunday I will spend with my family.  I’ll blog, but no writing until Monday.  I have a date with my van.


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