steady as a wind whipped desert

Volcanoes National Park as my backyard makes it so easy for me to drive right over there to my favorite parking lot and write!

The wind whipped my mobile writing studio as I glanced out over the desolate brown desert gravelled ground.  Scrabbly hapu’u miniatures and ten foot tall ohi’a lehua blooming red created foreground to the clear blue sky, bright sunshine and slowly building white cloud bank.

The only sound: whipping wind.

I started with my peanut butter and nutella sandwich and watched the silver glint of the incoming rental cars.

After surviving the morning’s domestic traumas (sick boy, laundry, eldest’s first day of summer job, housecleaning), I was ready for my commitment to writing.

I put my head down and didn’t look for up three hours.  (Ok, I did pee and recharge the computer.)

I had to go pick up the eldest from Hilo, so I missed the four hour mark.  I will strive for it tomorrow.

Writing notes: I read in my beloved Reading Like a Writer by Francine Post that some writers struggle with point of view and tense because they feel like they’re writing into a void.  Who is the audience? Who is the storyteller? I pondered those questions today as I worked on completing my read through.  I finished on page 147/180 today, far into the deathly middle where the tangents are getting nuts.  I’m still making major plot revisions and character changes.  But that is what revision is all about, right?


3 thoughts on “steady as a wind whipped desert

  1. best two comments ever! Thanks!

    Lori, Happy 39th! Will you have Whipped desserts after dinner?…I shall!..After four more hours of wind whipped desert. What sort of whipped dessert do you recommend?

    Dj, There’s plenty of room for lots of #1 fans! I bold after writing to make it more readable or exciting to those skimmers out there.

  2. Lori says:

    When I read the title of this blog entry I thought of whipped desserts–which is kind of what blog-reading is to me these days…a little sweet treat. Nice to think of you out there in your mobile writing studio, cherishing those precious hours.

  3. dj says:

    In your blog, why are some words bolded? Do you bold after writing or is it an exercise to include particular words. Either way, love it. your #1 fan. well, a bunch of us my be tied as your #1 fan. =)

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