I am a Writing Machine!

Hawaii notes:  Beautiful day, clear for miles, sunshine, blue skies.  8 nene flew over in pairs.

Writing notes: Feeling great, back in the saddle.  Turned on the laptop and didn’t stop until I had to pee.

Results?  Yes!  2, 360 words generated in three good scenes.

Alright! Things are falling together.

I figure  I have about 30 scenes to write. Yes, this is revision, but when the first third of the book works and the last two thirds slacks off..revision is writing!  30 scenes divided by 3 scenes per day equals 10 days.  Yippee!

At 2,000 words per day, that will add 20,000 words to the manuscript, bringing the total to 60,000 words.

I have 17 more days. That will leave 7 days for further revision and query letter writing.

Today was the deadline for ordering the copy of my latest revision from Createspace.com.  Because I wrote 50,000 words in the month of November for nanowrimo, I won a free copy of my book.  It won’t be the finished version, but it will be pretty cool- a real book.


Routines will save you

Last night my DH went hunting, which means he wasn’t home at 550 AM when I dropped Eldest at the bus stop.  Luckily Littlest and MS were up and ready to go with me.

Then we came home, made some food (delicious egg, onion, green pepper and cheese omelets) and coffee and played until 730 AM when DH got home.

Then I hung out with him until 830 AM when he shoo’ed me out the door saying,

If you don’t start soon, you’ll never be done!”

I was so touched by his commitment to my writing, his expectation that I would do it no matter what, his growing belief that  writing is a job for me.

I didn’t tell him that there was a little bird on my shoulder telling me to take the day off, stay home, kick back.

Lucky for me because as soon as I left the house (even though Littlest was trying her best to dissuade me) I was ready to write.

This is what routines do for us.

Writing notes: Finished three new scenes and did a bunch of light revision on some others.  I saw a man working in his van for about an hour!

Hawaii notes: Too late for nene, but I did see some white sea birds.


Mama said there’d be days like this

Best things:  11 nene flying overhead in V formation honking, writing one scene

Worst things: headache, computer mouse malfunction where it wouldn’t give me a cursor without highlighting a whole paragraph or more.  It was like being caught in some sort of writing hell.  (I fixed it by turning off the computer and restarting it.  But I didn’t do that for way too long.)

Not a great start to week 5, but alas, tomorrow is another day.

Headaches? Whats up with all these headaches lately?  I think it could be from staring at a screen four hours a day in my mini van, or from the arm aches of last weekend, or even from a little flu going around.  I will persevere!

Writer’s Group Sleepover

Told most of the story and subplots to Jackie over dinner, dessert and coffee.

Worked on some police procedural research to find out the details I need so the story is believable.

Read a little.

Hung out a lot.

Ordered 55 new books from the library.  One shelf in one library isn’t enough anymore!.

Arms are feeling better, even without Ibuprofen.

Ready for another 20 hours of writing this week.


Family Day:

Convinced Littlest to sleep in until 730.

Hung out with the DH, littlest and MS.  Helped them pack up for a big camping trip at the beach.

Got ready to go to a friend’s wedding and Writing Group Sleepover.

Said goodbye to the family and Hello to the wedding.

Writing Notes: Yesterday my left arm hurt so much, I felt like I couldn’t do much (using my arm or otherwise).  No response to Ibuprofen.  Used a heating pad all night and this morning, I put it in a sling with an icepack.  Much improvement, but both forearms are still bothering me.  Too much writing?  Or did I do something else that I’m not remembering?  Another good reason not to write everyday.

Tomorrow:  Writer’s Group. I brought a print out of the novel so far and I want to do some research on the web about police procedures.


If you haven’t seen my Facebook posts, you will be ecstatic (as am I) to know that Vera walked out of the forest this morning!!!  HOOOO Woooo!  Yippppeeeee~

I don’t know many details except that she got lost hiking on the “trails” behind our subdivision (National Park land) and walked the wrong way most of yesterday.  The word trails is in quotes because there aren’t really trails back there and lots of people have been lost.  I’ll see if I can interview her.

What did she do at night?  Was she scared?  Cold?  Wet?  Hungry?  Did she eat anything?  Did she catch water to drink?  Will she hike again?  Will she get a cell phone?  How has her life been changed?

Thank you all for your prayers and great thoughts for her return.

Writing notes: Due to the real life mystery, I just couldn’t work on my fictional one.

I did take DJ’s suggestion and wrote the ending of the story in which Vera returned safely (although in my story she was kidnapped).

I also looked through my writing files from the past ten years and made an inventory (what is good, what need rewritten, what is that?)

On my way home, I circled around the neighborhood, noticed the missing signs were down and a neighbor told me the GREAT news.

Tomorrow, family day followed by a wedding sleepover with Jackie and Writing Group on Sunday.

Hope you have a good weekend too.

A real disappearance

A dear friend, Vera Matsuda-Brownlea, disappeared yesterday between 1 and 9 pm.  She was probably walking around our neighborhood (a very safe, friendly place).  She is 61 years old, 4′ 10”, 100 pounds.  A tiny thing.  She lived with an ill  husband, two grown stepsons and her own grown son. Her family reported her missing at 9 pm and police were there quickly.  This afternoon our neighborhood was patrolled by a officer.  My family and other neighbors spent extra time outside, walking our dogs, looking for clues.

I wrote this morning for four hours, creating a murder mystery.  I know that we are given what we focus on. Am I focusing on the negative?  Should I be writing romance/peace and love?

Seriously, I don’t know if I can write a fake mystery when there’s a real one going on.  A real disappearance.  I’m hoping it’s not a real murder.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll work on a funny, cute children’s story.  Any advice?