Excuses are just excuses

Today I couldn’t find the National Park Pass ($25/year entrance pass) so I couldn’t go to my wind whipped desert writing location.

Dear Husband got a little freaked out when he realized I really was going to be gone four hours a day.

My stomach is still testy.

But, perseverance is one of my strongest traits.  I found a new spot to park the mobile writing studio, drank Gatorade and Keopectate and negotiated with Dear Husband.

So, there I was in the mobile writing studio, sliding door half open- letting in the warm sunny breezes while parked on the side of the old Volcano Highway, and I finished the first read-through revision.  Yippee!

With the distant sounds of cars on the new Volcano Highway (neither are actual highways, just a new road and an old one) and the sweet  sounds of songbirds, I planned the next revision and studied plot charting.

Still only able to eke out three hours again today,  I will do at least three or more tomorrow.  Promise.

Tomorrow’s plan:  Take the eldest to the bus stop at 6 AM and write from 630-1030 AM.  This will make it easier on the Dear Husband and kids because I’ll be gone during the “fresh hours” and my writing might be fresher too.

Writing notes:  Weekend Novelist is a helpful guide to plotting, even if you write on weekdays.  Currently at 166 pages, didn’t check word count.  Planning to work through revision #2, following a tight plot line and working the characters out as we go along.


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