A Hard Day for Writing

So, today was rough because Dear Husband starting vomiting explosively and loudly at 2 am.  Lovely, yes?

So now he knows how I felt last Saturday when I stayed in bed for twenty-four straight hours and did not once pick up a book.  I have about 30 books on a shelf right next to the head of my bed.  I read compulsively.

That’s how sick I was and therefore, that’s how sick he is right now.  Lovely, yes?

But, I persevered. When I got up this morn to take the eldest to the bus stop (5:50 am departure), I asked the middle darling, let’s call him MD, to get into bed with littlest (age 3).  So, when I came home from the bus stop (6 am), they were still asleep.  Yippeee!

I whipped out the notebook and the Weekend Novelist and Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel, grabbed a cuppa joe and got to work.  And, the kids got up, got breakfast, and played nicely for TWO hours.  Now, I don’t know if you know my kids, but some of you do  and well, I was amazed to be really in the background for that amount of time.  Nice job Kiddos!

Then I bumped in another 1/2 hour from 2-230 during naptime.  She slept for 1  hour, I slept for 1/2.

So, that makes 2.5 hours in my living room.  Alright!

Writing notes:  Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel (Can I just start calling it WSYMN?) is really great.  Its another of those write a novel using these easy steps like Weekend Novelist (WN).  So today I worked through my main characterGot to know him a lot better with more work to come.  I’m working on a character biography about him.  Maybe I’ll post it here.   I’m still really figuring him out.   And that is good.

Maybe I’ll send him to the Character Therapist.  Have you seen her blog?  www.charactertherapist.blogspot.com

Plan for tomorrow? Decide in the morning.  See what the evening holds.  WRITE!


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