Five hours, 30 minutes and counting

Dear Husband is feeling better, yippee! He needed to run to Hilo (45 mins away) to cash a check for a friend, so he volunteered to take the kids, do the grocery shopping and pick up the eldest from work.  Wowsa!

I stayed home, did nothing but write, eat, have one short phone conversation with Jackie (about noveling) and hung up one load of laundry to dry.

Writing notes:  I spent some of the time using my How to Write Mystery books (Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel by H. Ephron and How to Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat).

I re(visioned) my plot using C. Wheat’s four arc system for mystery novels and discovered I needed a lot more in arc 1– before the amateur detective decides to commit to solving the case and a lot less in arc 2/3 where the main detecting takes place.  Detecting is when the sleuth questions possible suspects,  witnesses, looks for clues, argues with  his “sidekick” about the clues, etc.

I worked some more on tightening the plot and getting to know the main character a lot better.  I have a lot of work to do, but boy, is it fun and I’m learning way way too much about this mystery writing process.  I’m thinking when the summer is done, I’ll be qualified to teach other people how to do this!

Today marks the official end of week one.  Seven weeks to go. Yikes!


2 thoughts on “Five hours, 30 minutes and counting”

  1. hope everyone is feeling better! good job on the writing. are you sure you dont want to come to PA for some inspiration??

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