Frankie say: “Relax”

Yes, family day has arrived.  Yippee!  The only writing I do on Saturday and Sunday is this blog update.

But, reading, yes, I can  squeeze in a little reading here and there between sweeping, mopping the kitchen floor, pretending to be a dog for the three year old, cooking, organizing, driving kids around and chatting on the phone.

So, what to read?  It’s hard to read the “How to Write a Mystery Novel”  guides without working out the plot and characters right then and there.   So, I pulled out the only mystery in the house that I haven’t read yet- Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith.  It’s fun to read someone else’s mystery!

For those who are still worried:  DH found the National Park Pass in my van, where my mom said it would be, so HOORAY, soon I will be at Kilauea overlook again.

Speaking of soon:

This week (week two) will be a little dicey. Monday I volunteered to work (well, they do pay me) from 830-3.

Weds and Thursday I also said I would work a bit, but maybe I don’t have to do that many hours.

Friday is Writer’s Group.

It may be hard to crank out the hours (again) this week, but I will persevere and do my best. I’m thinking about writing from 6am (bus drop off time) until 8 am (time to get to work) on Monday, which will get me two hours.  And Weds/Thurs, I could do two or three  hours up front and work from 9-?  Might work!


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