A Great Sunday and chompin’ at the bit to write!

One of the best things about weekends (besides the fabulous quality time with my family) is that I get excited for Monday’s writing time.  I’m glad I didn’t try to write four hours every single day because that would probably lead to burn out.

Tomorrow’s plan is to drop off eldest at 6 AM, write from 6-8 and then work from 830-3.

I had a great day today.  Early AM, DH took three year old to market with him.  Yes, the Volcano Market (about a 5 minutes drive) opens at 6 AM on Sunday morning.  They extended their hours this summer and officially stay open until 10, but by 8, most of the best produce is gone anyway. People in Volcano don’t do things like the rest of the world.  For one, we live strangely close to a very active volcano.

So, with Littlest out of the house, I read for about an hour.  I also read for a long time during her two hour nap this afternoon.  Nice.

This evening, we invited our friend’s three kids over (making six total!) for dinner and play since our friend was very sick  with the same darn stomach flu and yes, we know how that feels.  I made Taco Salad and Giant Choc Chip Cookies! They didn’t give me the super mom award, but I know they meant to.

Reading notes: While reading today, I couldn’t keep myself from taking notes about the POV (point of view) in each chapter and then I dissected one chapter even further and noted each paragraph’s POV character and general summary.  Blue Shoes and Happiness is very interesting in this aspect because while it is told in third person, the POV shifts from character to character within the chapter.  This means one paragraph will be straight narration, Mma Makutsi said….and the next will be Mma Makutsi thinking, “he might be concerned about her shoes.  She hated her shoes. ”  (See how it changes to her internal thoughts/feelings, expressing things that others wouldn’t know?)  Then it could shift to her friend and show his feelings and thoughts.  But a talented/experienced writer can do this..beginning writers should stick to one person’s POV to keep the reader from feeling confused and disjointed.  A writer can really show a lot of POV with this method.

AND, my blog is getting hits!!  YIPPEE.  Ok, not like hundreds or anything, but slowly increasing..and all thanks to you!!!  Mahalo!!!

Random stories about living in Volcano,  if you’re interested:

I once called AAA to tow my car and when the lady (in Cali) asked me where the car was, I told her “Volcano.”  She said, “Gee, I can’t help you with that!”  Really.

When DH’s uncle from Cali came to visit he about freaked out when we drove him over (about 7 minutes) to look at the volcano.  He insisted that we move immediately, because we are WAY WAY too close to a Volcano.  Hello.


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