Week two has begun

Up at five, eldest to bus by 622, writing at Kilauea overlook by 630.  I could drop her off and get to writing by 600, but she’s 17 and we almost never have time alone together, so I  stay until the bus comes.

The sun shone bright in my eyes as I turned east to park at “my end” of the lot.

I took a better look at the desert and noticed that the stunted ohi’a trees with bright red lehua blossoms tip slightly towards the west, bowing toward the pit of halema’uma’u crater which continually spews forth its volcanic contents: currently SO2 laden smoke called vog.

I thought about how to describe the size of the crater. Could it contain a shopping mall? A football stadium?

Seems more than likely to me. Perhaps I will ask someone tomorrow.

Watched 7 nene fly over, two by two and one alone.

Writing notes: 622-745 (a bit over one hour only) Decided to rework/rewrite in parts like a patchwork quilt, work on a section that moves me and keep working around until the whole piece is refreshed and READY.

Work: 830-330. Good, tiring, worklike.

And, a special thanks to you who comment:  At the end of a long long day, it’s  great to get a response from the blogosphere void.  Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Week two has begun

  1. dj says:

    the language of your blogs are showing a greater “maturity” in language. your sentences are more complex,yet very natural, than what i remember when we first started writing about 10 years ago. woot!woot!

  2. Joyce Wolfgang says:

    I used to have a few Alexanderr McCall Smith books. Will check. Dad and I picked a 6 quart bucket of sour cherries this moring. Beautiful, breezy day with very low humidity. Towels on line and I’m going to deck to seed cherries.

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