Cut the junk and strip the plot to its barebones!

Today was the day.  My manuscript went from 49,000 words to 32, 490 (119 double spaced pages in word).

Slash and burn, Crash and learn.

Everything that didn’t work is now gone.  Some are in a “deleted scenes” file, but mostly it is:

gone, baby gone.

Now I can clearly see what scenes need to be “quilted in” and which ones are currently pulling their own weight.


I reached Kilauea overlook at 550 AM.  There was a cold wind (in the low fifties) blowing mist across the desert and the SO2 plume glowed purple against the lightening sky.  I noticed as I drove in that the line between the “wet side” and the “dry side” was only about a mile east of the overlook. 

Green grass, tall trees, and rain suddenly become brown gravel, stunted trees and hot sun.

Nine nene flew over silhouetted against the rising yellow sun in pairs (and one alone again.)

Writing notes: Only clocked 1 hour and 35 minutes today because I worked.  Tomorrow, I’m working again (yes, income.)  Do you think I could get up earlier and get in more hours?  I’d better try!

Setting the alarm clock for 4 AM, plan to be at the overlook at 430.  Write from 430-730= three hours.

Week two only contains two more days.  Yikes.

Leave me a comment, Do you think I’ll  be up at 4?


6 thoughts on “Cut the junk and strip the plot to its barebones!”

  1. Thanks for including me on your main page. That’s great cutting–49 to 32K. At some point, a literary agent or publisher will love you for it.

    1. You’re welcome Alex. Have you gotten any hits from it? Yes, my rough draft was written during nonawrimo so there were those “I need 3000 words this hour” times and I got them anyway possible. Should my main character be chased by a man in black with a gun who stutters? Why not? Expansion/contraction cycles are good. Is your novel ready to go?

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