This blog has purpose.

Today could have been one of those days when I just couldn’t get to the writing.  DH went hunting overnight and didn’t get home until noon.  That’s fine.  He needs time to pursue his passions too.

When he arrived I was cleaning out the front room, which really needed it.  He pitched in and we spent about another half hour on that.  Then I offered to get the littlest down for her nap before I left (potty, brush teeth, read three books, snuggle).  I finally got out the door at 130PM.

If I wasn’t writing this blog and knowing YOU were expecting me to get in my four hours in my mobile writing studio, would that have happened?  NO.  I would have taken a nap next to littlest (I did doze off) and spent a few more quality hours with my family and my housecleaning.  So, thank you for reading my blog, you are my motivators.

As I arrived at Volcanoes National Park today, I noticed that it was really crowded.  There were four cars in front of me at the entrance (lucky me that DH found my park pass!) and literally hundreds of Japanese tourists pouring out of their tour buses at the steam vents.

Kilauea overlook? two jeeps, one 18 passenger bus and two cars.  Nice.  Definitely more traffic than the early AM, but not too distracting.

I thought it was funny when my eyes would wander out to the overlook, watching a tourist shoot some pictures of the SO2 plume and I’m thinking, “Now, what do they have for lunch in prison?”

And later, about two hours into intense scene revision, I walk over to the one stall composting toilet.  Open the door thinking, “Now, what would I do if there was a dead body in here?”  Hmm.. Maybe the next book could be set at the National Park?

Writing notes:  Spent the first three hours writing a scene where the main character gets out of jail, but has to be on house arrest.  He’s mad because he’s innocent. His Aunt and Mom make him a “Welcome home from jail” cake.  Sounds a bit strange here, but hey, I know the rest of the story.  Spent some time using How To Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat to study revision, use of narrative, and “closely observed detail.”

Wrote for a full four hours 145-545 and would have kept on going but it was time for dinner (Thanks DH!)


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