Yep, I did it.  I got up at 4 am.  Writing by 418. I realized that it was dark out and my mobile writing studio doesn’t usually provide light, so I wrote at the kitchen table with a cup of cold coffee.  It was good.  YIPPEE!!!

418-530= 1 hour.  Then I got my self together and drove over the Kilauea overlook and wrote from 6-730=1 1/2 hrs for a total of 2 1/2 hours.  Not bad considering I went to work and slaved away from 8-330.  And now, I’m tired.  But still writing.  🙂

Tomorrow is Writer’s Group,  but I don’t know how much actual writing will happen.  It is the last group before dear Lora moves to Cali, so it’ll probably consist of a lot of talking, eating, drinking and some writing.  I may get up extra early again and write before group.  We meet at 9 here in Volcano, so I could get up at 5.  That might work, if I’m not too exhausted. I don’t want to push myself over the brink (that might be bad.)

The cool thing is that I’m really loving my writing time.  I’ve been writing seriously for ten years and have published a book, but this is the first time that I’ve given myself so many hours on end and such a big fictional project.  I didn’t know it would turn out this good.  Yippee!!

Ok, I gotta go spend some time with the family and then sleep.

Writing  notes:  Revision, revision,  revision.  Today it looked bad, but I know I can piece it all together, revise a few more times, and voila!  Let’s hope.


Nene notes:  One lone bird squawking quite a bit circled twice.  Looking for someone?


3 thoughts on “Tired.”

  1. woohoo!!! you are inspiring! (and crazy, but i like crazy)i don’t think i could do 4 am but . . . i am on my fourth day in a row of exercising. only 10 minutes but i’m really working on “discipline” like you. and I read a 10 minutes of Saved by a Poem while exercising.

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