A group of writer’s

At 1123, I finally sat down at the table with my notebook and pen.  I opened my computer, pulled up my novel and got nothing done.

But that is OK.  If you’ve read my post “Writer’s Group: Essential”  http://wp.me/pVsNN-1E

you know how important these three ladies are to me.   We’ve been writing together, critiquing and loving each other for the last ten years.

So today was our last official “group” meeting.  <<sob>> We’ll keep meeting, but without Lora, it’ll just be different.

We went to Volcano Winery for a wine tasting, ate awesome Ethiopian food that Lora cooked, drank tons of coffee and  solved the world’s problems.

Tomorrow is Saturday, officially a family day.  If  I can squeeze in a few hours, great.  If that means I have to put off my kids, no. Planning to get back to the four hours/day plan starting this Monday.  Week three is on the horizon.

Comment below:  What is your favorite book on writing?  (If you, don’t have one, what is your favorite book?)


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