My ode to family

I really wanted to write today, but I forced myself to hang out with my family.  They are fun, friendly and cute.

And demanding, needy and irrational.

Well, that’s kids for you.  Some people (and you know who you are)  really love spending every moment interacting with three year old and eleven year old AND seventeen year old logic, wants, needs and toileting issues.  And that’s good.  We need more people like you.  Or maybe you just ACT like it, making the rest of us (especially mothers) feel oh so guilty.

But, me, while I love them to death and find them really wonderful, funny, sweet, smart, loving and darling, I am really really ready for them to get into bed at night.

And, as I write this post, littlest is in the bath tub.  Then a fast dinner, three books and off to beddy bye.  Send Middle Son to his room to read.  Eldest is on a sleepover.

I’m hoping for a speedy finish.  Then time relaxing with hub?

Today we played horsie, read books, took naps, went hiking, ate breakfast and lunch, watched TV and talked.  A lot.


What did you do today?


2 thoughts on “My ode to family”

  1. Fishing for comments? I managed to keep the computer off all day (no computer games) although there was some video gaming going on. We played with little people, watched Daddy stain the porch floor, I read while the little one napped, and this afternoon we played in the water steps. I need to go fold laundry (and watch some TV) before bed.

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