Hiking with a three year old: Creativity burst!

Great day today with the kids and hub.  Littlest and I went hiking by ourselves (MS, eldest and hub went elsewhere).

We’ve recently developed this habit of hiking at the nearby National Park. Littlest is three now and none of us have done much hiking since her birth.   I love hiking and backpacking and can not wait to get back at it.

Here’s some of the dialogue I remember from our hike created today:

“Mama, this tree is ready to fall down.”

“Mama, I’m going to soak this branch in the water.  It needs water.”

“Mama, Let’s go into the dark dark cave with no flashlights!”

“Mama, Look!!!”

“I don’t like the ranger.  Can we just walk past him?”

“I’m too tired to walk or run. Carry me on your shoulders.”

“No, I don’t want to sit on any part of your body.”

“It’s dark!”

“I don’t want to go home.  No.”

“I like you Mommy.”

Writing notes:  A happy writer is much more productive than a sad one.  Tomorrow’s plan: Drop eldest at bus at 6.  Write from 630-1030.  Bust a move!


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