Step it up.

Today I spent half of my writing time in a new location.  Why? Wild hair. It just happened.  But at half time, I realized there was no restroom anywhere nearby.  I drove to the restroom while charging the computer and ended up at Kilauea overlook.

Writing Notes:   Today I realized that it takes me about two hours to rewrite a  scene.

This is draft two, so the scenes are written, but using my “patchwork” technique, I choose a scene that’s not pulling it’s weight and when I feel like it, rewrite it.

Then I save it on the side (separate from the “working revision”) to be patched in later.

I  remove the old scene in the “working revision” and write in caps the name of the new scene.  That way I don’t get so caught up in making everything fit just yet.  It can be maddening to go back and “fix” everything back to page one.

So, two hours to write the new scene and then two hours the next day to read it and make more revisions.

Lucky, I’m working four hours a day on it!

But, with the help of Ka’u coffee, I need to step up the action. I will try to write a scene in one hour and revise in one hour, which will lead to more scenes being written and revised.  With only a short window of time “free” from my teaching job, I need to make every moment count.

Wish me luck, tomorrow’s my third four hour day in a row! Wooo HOOO!


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