Must write faster!

Nene geese can fly over,

tourists walk to the overlook,

BikeVolcano jockeys can set up their bikes,

the Volcano can erupt,

but I will not be distracted.  I will keep on writing and revising.

This morning at 630, I set my goals with time limits.

1) Reread and revise yesterday’s scene- 1  hour

2) Read on until I come to another scene in need of revision- 1/2 or 1 hour.

3) Write new scenes and identify scenes to be rewritten tomorrow.

By 1030, I had met some of those goals.

1) Yes, revised yesterday’s scene to my satisfaction – 1 hour

2) Read on- revising for point of view/tense/plot along the way.  This turned out to be a lot of revision without running into any scenes that I really thought needed complete rewrites.  I read/revised from page 19 to page 40.  -3 hours.

Tomorrow, I’ll have one scene (from today) to reread/revise and then I’ll continue from page 40.

I’m succeeding  at pushing the first arc finale back as far as possible (the goal is page 70).  This is where the amateur sleuth (the accused) finally decides that he has to solve the crime.  Originally, I had this mini climax at page 3.  A Mystery no no.

I need to do some more research on police procedures and Facebook as evidence in a crime.

See  you Tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Must write faster!

  1. Erika says:

    sounds like you are really getting into the meat and potatoes! LOL
    it has been really busy at this house so i was catching up on the last week of your blog!
    Monday I spent trying to get back into the swing of things and at the same time-deal with a school issue, talking through some stuff with Morgan, and firing someone. That was too much of a day for me!
    today was major cleaning day with moving furniture and all! Mo comes home from her camp today so we cant wait to hear all about it!
    happy writing!

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