No obstacle can stand in my way!

Today was challenging. I woke up at midnight with a headache.  I still had it at five.  Coffee and water and breakfast didn’t seem to help.  I was also tired and cold.  (Its like 52 degrees here in the morning.)

Headache medicine?  Yes.  But the glaring sun through the window in the mobile writing studio still aggravated it enough for me to seek a shadier writing location.

My DH called three hours in and told me that he made eggs, potatoes and sausage and if I waited another hour it would be cold.  Our microwave is broken.  But I told him I could heat it up the old fashioned way in the iron skillet on the stove.  He is pretty impressed, in a good way.  He said, “You act like it’s a job.”

And yet, I persevered.  I had a great writing day.  Yippee!!

I reread and revised  yesterday’s scene in under an hour.

I wrote a “straight line narrative” from the killer’s point of view in two hours.  This was important because it made me really think through some of the plot twists and turns and how they should all work out.  You know, the DETAILS.

I read/revised from page 40 to page 53 for the remaining hour and a half.

It was good.

Postscript:  Oh, and now that I’m blogging in my bed next to my sleeping little one, totally beat from spending too long- one and half hours!! – at Verizon getting a phone for eldest (which she loves), I notice…JOY!…My blog is being “crawled” by google.  Yippee!  Try googling “welcome home from jail” and guess what comes up!!  🙂  Now I can rest..until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “No obstacle can stand in my way!”

  1. good job working through the obstacles to achieve your goal. Seems like you can’t get out of Verizon in less than and hour, huh?? I’ve been pleased with their service, but it just seems to take forever! Glad Kia is happy :0)

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