Squeezed in one hour and 40 minutes

Saturday and Sunday are family days, much needed breaks from writing to spend playing, cooking, reading, painting, gardening and cleaning.

DH asked last night if I wanted to go write this AM to crank out those missing three hours from yesterday’s headache attack.  I said I would, but I’d wait until after Littlest was up.   So she woke up about 630 and we had so much fun giggling, playing and goofing around before we even got to the living room, I couldn’t leave.  Plus, everyone else was fast asleep.

It was a good day.  DH, Eldest and MS  got a ton of work done in the yard despite frequent rain showers.

Eldest weed-whacked the thigh high grass that made our yard look like the rain forest it is.  She also chopped tons of ginger (nice flower but it grows about 6 feet tall in huge root clumps).  We almost have a front yard. The really cool thing is that she did all of that because..(wait for it)..she wanted to.  Nuts, I know.

MS got a lot done too, chopped about 100 stalks of ginger (yes, we counted) and helped DH clean up the Lo’i (Taro patch) behind the house.

DH also planted an upside down zucchini, moved the mobile chicken house, fixed his surfboard, and took down the metal  scaffolding.

I helped out on some of those projects, hung with the Littlest, made food, cleaned DH’s closet (for Dad’s day)  and did laundry.

Then, while Littlest napped, I got in one hour and forty minutes of reading and revising.  I got from page 54 to page 67.  Yippeee! This is why I had to pull MS’s ear the other day when  he mentioned to Littlest that maybe she was getting too old for naps.  Yikes.  Luckily, she was distracted and didn’t hear him.  Close one.

I’m thinking tomorrow we should veg out a bit, eh?

Happy Dad’s Day to all of you fathers.  And to you Dad!


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