Revision #2 DONE

It was a cold (56 degrees), wet (puddles!) day.

The overlook was surrounded by mashed potato clouds, the yellow orb shining through like a pat of melting butter.

I had to be back home by 9 so that DH could make it to a Doctors Appointment by 10.

I dropped off Eldest at 6 and started writing at 611 am.

Writing Notes:

In my two hours and 23 minutes, I finished read/revison #2.

During this revision period, I was changing POV from first person to third omnicient and changing verb tense from present to past.

I also studied and beefed up the plot quite a bit and rewrote five key scenes.

The bad news is that there is an awful lot of rewriting to do yet.  I’m pretty unhappy with most of pages 75-129.  There is some good stuff there, but I can see that I need to basically rewrite the middle and end of the book.

The good news is that this is the beginning of week 4 and (thank god I’m a teacher!) I have a total of eight weeks. While I feel the pressure to get the revisions done (the whole point of this summer challenge and this blog), I feel like I’m making good headway and so far have been using my time wisely.

Thank you faithful readers!! You are my muses.

I looked through my composition book of notes, marked pages and made more notes.  Tomorrow I’m planning to do some more plotting and planning and then get on with Revision #3.

I’m thinking about the next novel. A basic outline to start?  A big outline?  Or jump right in again like I did this time?


4 thoughts on “Revision #2 DONE”

  1. you are making progress! i dont know about the outline versus jump right in thing. I personally would have to go with an outline and spread out from there. But you have to see what works out best for your stream of thinking! you can do it!

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