Nail down the details (specifically!)

630-1030- Four hours

Two nene honking at 640

Lots of tourists and three bike volcano tours

NO TIME to muse about those, I have a Third Draft to write.

One of the problems with getting a first draft from Nanowrimo (National Novel Writer’s month), is that I got into a bad habit of just writing through my plot issues.  Meaning that if something wasn’t working, if I couldn’t figure out how the body could be dropped at 10 am and not discovered until 6 pm, I just skipped over it.

Today was the day to work all of those details.  I’m not really “detail oriented,”  so it took some discipline (and fingernail study).

And, I did it. Yippee!  I didn’t even open the computer.

I followed the Mystery plot skeleton I’ve been studying in Carolyn Wheat’s How To Write Killer Fiction.  I mapped out the conflicts, characters inner needs, subplots, and how each of the four story arcs work in my sweet little black and white composition book.

Yes, all of the plot details are now written out and ready to go.

Tomorrow: The great rewrite begins.


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