A real disappearance

A dear friend, Vera Matsuda-Brownlea, disappeared yesterday between 1 and 9 pm.  She was probably walking around our neighborhood (a very safe, friendly place).  She is 61 years old, 4′ 10”, 100 pounds.  A tiny thing.  She lived with an ill  husband, two grown stepsons and her own grown son. Her family reported her missing at 9 pm and police were there quickly.  This afternoon our neighborhood was patrolled by a officer.  My family and other neighbors spent extra time outside, walking our dogs, looking for clues.

I wrote this morning for four hours, creating a murder mystery.  I know that we are given what we focus on. Am I focusing on the negative?  Should I be writing romance/peace and love?

Seriously, I don’t know if I can write a fake mystery when there’s a real one going on.  A real disappearance.  I’m hoping it’s not a real murder.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll work on a funny, cute children’s story.  Any advice?


4 thoughts on “A real disappearance”

  1. Thanks. I’ll work on those ideas today. This is a problem I’ve wondered about before in this genre. I have issues with both violence and conflict. Maybe there is another genre for me?

  2. Kristin, Please don’t put any undue blame on yourself, I find I’m always reminding my girls “I’s just someones imagination, it isn’t real”, unfortunately at this time your dealing with your own great imagination and the “real”. While there may be similarities between the two they are still two very separate things, keep reminding yourself of this. How about a book on a child who loses their favorite toy or their pet goes missing, the pain and frustration they feel, then the elation they feel when the toy or pet is found. Good luck!!!

  3. write the ending. write the ending so we find her. your imagination may have a clue. i’ll call you in a little bit.

  4. Kristin, I hope and pray she is found well and unharmed. This must be terrible for her husband, son and stepsons as well as all of you, her neighbors and friends.
    Idea for a kids story: Why not a bedtime story about someone little who finds ways to cope with not wanting to go to bed; perhaps by using their fantastic imagination?

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