If you haven’t seen my Facebook posts, you will be ecstatic (as am I) to know that Vera walked out of the forest this morning!!!  HOOOO Woooo!  Yippppeeeee~

I don’t know many details except that she got lost hiking on the “trails” behind our subdivision (National Park land) and walked the wrong way most of yesterday.  The word trails is in quotes because there aren’t really trails back there and lots of people have been lost.  I’ll see if I can interview her.

What did she do at night?  Was she scared?  Cold?  Wet?  Hungry?  Did she eat anything?  Did she catch water to drink?  Will she hike again?  Will she get a cell phone?  How has her life been changed?

Thank you all for your prayers and great thoughts for her return.

Writing notes: Due to the real life mystery, I just couldn’t work on my fictional one.

I did take DJ’s suggestion and wrote the ending of the story in which Vera returned safely (although in my story she was kidnapped).

I also looked through my writing files from the past ten years and made an inventory (what is good, what need rewritten, what is that?)

On my way home, I circled around the neighborhood, noticed the missing signs were down and a neighbor told me the GREAT news.

Tomorrow, family day followed by a wedding sleepover with Jackie and Writing Group on Sunday.

Hope you have a good weekend too.


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