I am a Writing Machine!

Hawaii notes:  Beautiful day, clear for miles, sunshine, blue skies.  8 nene flew over in pairs.

Writing notes: Feeling great, back in the saddle.  Turned on the laptop and didn’t stop until I had to pee.

Results?  Yes!  2, 360 words generated in three good scenes.

Alright! Things are falling together.

I figure  I have about 30 scenes to write. Yes, this is revision, but when the first third of the book works and the last two thirds slacks off..revision is writing!  30 scenes divided by 3 scenes per day equals 10 days.  Yippee!

At 2,000 words per day, that will add 20,000 words to the manuscript, bringing the total to 60,000 words.

I have 17 more days. That will leave 7 days for further revision and query letter writing.

Today was the deadline for ordering the copy of my latest revision from Createspace.com.  Because I wrote 50,000 words in the month of November for nanowrimo, I won a free copy of my book.  It won’t be the finished version, but it will be pretty cool- a real book.


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