hiatus decision

I missed a day of blogging last night and went on a date with my DH.

I haven’t worked hard on the novel since Monday.

I have to start back to work this Monday.

I don’t want to make my self (and my poor family) nuts by starting off the school year sleep deprived.

BUT, I want to get this revision done and ready.  When the book is as great as I can make it I’ll be able to enter contests, submit queries to agents, let some people read it, and truly represent the book as complete.

I want to get it there.

And November is the next National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.com) and Jackie and I decided we would start compiling rough outlines, character and plot notes during our next vacation the first week of October.

Seems like a good idea to get this one finished before starting the next.

How will I get it done?  I think I’ll need about three more read throughs to get everything the way I want it.  I’ve thought about early morning writing, more focused writer’s group writing, late night writing…I’m not sure what works best while I’m teaching.  I’ll guess I’ll just have to try.

I will continue to blog about it.  But I won’t blog about it everyday like I have been, probably more like a few times a week.  And, I’m giving myself a break right now. I’ll be back next week..around Thursday or so.

If you want to be sure not to miss the next blog, add it to your igoogle or your blog reader through the RSS link.  Or send me a note and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for all of your support, see you next week.



Late night writing

I like  to write early in  the morning and late late at night.  I eek out hours whenever I can.

But sometimes, I don’t write at all.

I talk, eat good food, drink good wine and hang with friends.

Yes, we did talk about writing.  We ate brownies, salad and meatballs.

But the novel made no progress at all.

Tomorrow is another day and I will work  on it then.


Sixtieth Blog Post

Up at Four, out the door by 430, looking good, doing great.

Drove to Hilo, directly to Starbucks, arrived at 5.

I wasn’t sure what time they opened and there was not a single car in the lot.  I parked and set up the mobile writing studio.

520-540:  I wrote the blog entry for yesterday using Starbucks free wifi that even reaches the parking lot.

Then I noticed a person walk through the front door of Starbucks.  Ah ha, they were open.  It was dark, you know.

I packed up and went inside and wrote from 6-713.  I revised up to page eight on this “flyover” of the manuscript.  I added 363 words (not bad).

713-800: I ate a Starbucks breakfast sandwich and drank a “Hint” water (very delicious and refreshing).  I talked to Littlest and DH on the phone. I used the restroom.  I packed up again and went to work.

I am not happy with this progress, I only spent 1  1/4 hours actually writing.  But on the other hand, I got up at four two days in a row (about six hours sleep each night) and made it through my trainings and the rest of my day without going nuts on my poor long-suffering family.

Yesterday I squeezed in two hours and today 1, so those are three hours that I wouldn’t have been writing (normally).

Once school starts, I wonder if I will be able  to rise at 4 and write from 4-5??  Could happen!

Tomorrow is writing group!! Jackie is finally home from the mainland.  YIPPEEE!!!!

Another sunrise

My internet was down last  night so I’m going to take twenty minutes or less to write this blog.  I don’t want to get up at four to write my blog, I want to get up at four to write my novel.

Yesterday, I was up at four, out the door by 440 and writing in Hilo by the sea at 522.  I started another pass over the manuscript starting at the beginning.  I added about 450 words and made some nice revisions.  I will try to focus on nice revisions rather than word count this week.  Quality is better than quantity, right?

I wrote from 530-630 and then went to Kopekope, which is now closed.  Yes, closed, gone.  Yikes!  So, I went to Starbucks and it wasn’t half bad.  I wrote from 7-8 and then went to my training.  Two hours in.

I made it through my training, picked up the kids from DH who was on his way to work, took the kids to the mall, bought two things at the grocery store and went home and made dinner.  I even stayed up and hung out with DH last night.  Littlest is going through some sort of crying all the time stage, I was wheeling her around in the cart at Safeway and she was just screaming.  I just let her go.  Yes, she had a nap.

I’m excited to start another day of writing.

Six ways get the most writing done this week

To prepare suck the most writing time out of the upcoming week, I plan to:

1) Get up at *4 AM*. If I can’t manage to do it everyday this week, I will at least do it tomorrow and Tuesday because I have to work 830-300.  It would be cool though, to find out I can be productive that early (and for that long, because, I do have to work whether I’m home or at work.  You know, housework, Motherwork, gardenwork, chef.)  This could be good practice for the coming school year.  How far will I go to get this book written?

2) Meet with my writing group to work out some plot points, work on showing character’s moods in their actions (check out thebookshelfmuse.blogspot.com), eat, drink and be merry.  I hope to find about 24 hours this week with the group (maybe Weds-Thurs?)  Can’t do it this weekend- camping is on the agenda!

3) “Blog about it, Blog about it, Movin” (Think Funkytown)  I’ll keep on blogging about my efforts because it makes me feel that I have an audience- other humans on the planet who know what I’m doing and encourage me to continue. This is one of the difficulties of writing- you don’t have “readers” until you are published in print.  Technology is helping to change that, but I’m still not posting chapters.  They’re not technically ready to be posted.  But it helps me to keep on keepin’ on by knowing YOU are reading.  For more about the value of an audience- Have you read Nathan Bransford’s blog about why it’s so hard to know if our writing is good yet?

4) Keep on reading mysteries and books about how to write mysteries.  I’ve always been one of those people who will readily refer to a book about any possible issue in life.  Here are some of the topics I have on my shelves: writing, publishing, parenting, education, deaf studies, health, sex, guitar and ukulele playing, spirituality, cooking, hiking, gardening, finances, and building.  I never have enough time at the library to do a thorough search- three year olds can only be entertained quietly for so long in the grownup Fiction section.  I started searching on the online library site and discovered how to request books from libraries all over the state.  I’ll do a blog soon about these excellent resources.   I’m standing on the shoulders of the great mystery writers who have shared so many pointers with me.

5) Keep the faith, keep smiling, eat well and walk when I can.

6) When I’m with my family or when I’m writing, or when I’m working, stay in the moment, do what I’m doing, while I’m doing it and do it well.

The Perfect Day

If you were ever wondering what would make a perfect day- here’s the rundown :

Sleep in until 7.

Coffee, scrambled eggs on the sunny deck.

Some sweet, helpful, encouraging comments to my blog post.

A phone call from mom.

Water fight with all the kids.

Great leftovers for lunch/snacks, no one has to cook.

Good moods abounding.

Digging, planting, communing in the garden.

Chickens eating worms.

A little nap and time to read.

Volcano guava/grape wine on the deck with DH while Littlest naps and MS hangs with a friend.

A good friend makes it to her destination.

Another good friend returns tomorrow.

Lasagna for dinner!

While the oven’s hot, throw in some oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies!

A good rain to end it all.

Get the kids to bed and cruise with my dear husband.

A good whine

Is it OK if I whine?  Just once?

See, the summer is nearly over-6 non  working weekdays left.

The book is not done- it’s at about 57,000 words and needs to be at least 70,000.

And it’s not only word count that makes a great mystery novel- it needs rounded, interesting characters, an intriguing plot that makes you want to keep on reading, sensory details, great dialogue and a fantastic setting.

Today sucked.  I got to the overlook at 6- not too bad, and could only write until 815 because I made a dentist appointment for Eldest at 10 in Hilo  (I call that shooting myself in the foot.)

I revised, which is good, but I cut more words than I created, which is bad.

On Tuesday, DH said I should write on Saturday morning, but today he made plans to hunt someone’s nuisance wild pigs in the morning.

My family in Pennsylvania is going to Bethany Beach for the week together and I would normally be there, but this summer I’m not.

I guess it’s been that kind of week.  I’ll keep on chugging along, you know I will.  But sometimes, a good whine is just what I needed.  Thanks for listening.