Dedicated to my family- blog #41

This morning was a good time to realize that none of this would be possible without my little support team.

My DH has to getup at 530 or 6 AM to be with the Littlest when she hears us leaving.  If I stayed home in bed like a sane Mommy on vacation, we would all get more sleep and I would be around to help cook breakfast.

My Middle Son (MS) helps DH with Littlest, sometimes entertaining her for hours playing horse and dog.

Littlest lives without me. She asks “Mommy, do you have to go to Writing today?”  and  “Can you play with me when you get home?”  She already knows that her name will be on the dedication page.

Eldest gives me the motivation to get up and get writing because she has to get up for work.  And I have to drive her to the bus stop.  She also helps out tons with Littlest and MS when I’m at Writer’s Group on weekends.

So, while I am committed to getting this book revised and published, without their support it would be NO THING.

And yes, I do wonder if I could have done this in my thirties before all of them.

I had entire summers to do anything- and I did.  I traveled, I wandered, I relaxed.  Prewriting.

Writing notes: 2, 596 words created today in four scenes.  Yippeee!! I even beat yesterday’s numbers.

Of course, there may be pieces to be cut later, I think I tend to blabber on in dialog a bit, but most of the scenes are fairly tight and fit into the plot righteously.

Hawaii notes: Rainy day that turned into a sunny one.  So many nene flying over against the biting wind, silhouetted in the rising sun that I think it was the same few circling.

Thank you my family.


4 thoughts on “Dedicated to my family- blog #41”

  1. Kristin, My Oldest daughter Samantha plays in the Dover band and as of now they will be in Hawaii summer of 2012 which is the year she graduates, we have talked about trying to make it a family vacation but I’m not real confident we’ll be able to afford it. Do you know of any nice, cheap hotels? If we could start paying on things in advance that would help, any time we put money back for something, something else always comes up. Murphys Law, I’m sure. Anyway, one day we may be down to vist, sight seeing with a “native” would be awesome, although I tend to embarrass everyone with my picture taking. By the way, I have to tell you, I am sooo impressed with you, I love to read but I have the hardest time even putting a sentence together. So cool that you have such a natural talent!!! Enjoy this holiday weekend with your writing and your family. 🙂

  2. Thanks Missy! Don’t send it to me for an autograph, bring it along on your Hawaiian vacation. I’ll take you to see the nene geese flying over the overlook.

  3. kristin, that is so sweet, to recognize your family like that shows just how much you love and appreciate them, and we all see the feelings are mutual. I would like to be one of the first to purchase your book when it comes out, being able to follow along with your thoughts as you write and rewrite will make it an even better read. Of course I will be sending it to you for an autograph. lol Enjoy..

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