Teamwork and Children’s Stories, blog #42

Teamwork: It was a great family day because we all worked together to get this house in tip top, OK, as good as we could shape for our party tomorrow.

We haven’t had a party here since we got married five years ago.

We renovated (still are renovating) and built a great deck on the back, sheltered from the sun (and Volcano rain) by a clear roof that lets in light.

This morning I made a list of all of the jobs and assigned each one an amount of money (sweep the living room-50 cents) as an incentive to get the kids involved and positive.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up and make the hamburger patties (my secret recipe) and scrub the bathroom floor, more than likely with the assistance of the Littlest.

The Great Volcano 4th of July Parade starts at 9 and it looks like the most of the family will be “marching in it, which should be fun.  Then we’ll come home, kick back and wait for friends to stop by.

If you’re in the neighborhood, come on by.

Children’s Stories: Like most good mommies, I read three books to Littlest every night before bed and every afternoon before nap time.  We go to the local library and literally take sections of books home with us.  We read everything from Dr. Seuss to Jan Brett to Beatrix Potter to Marc Brown and beyond.  Littlest has learned about her favorite authors and can tell you little tidbits about them like, “Marc Brown is amazing because he makes the pictures and the stories.”

I often muse, as I read the same favorite books to her over and over that this is how story is implanted in our brains.  This is how we learn to see things from other people’s points of view.  This is how we understand the little truths in life that our parents may not explain so well.  This is how we understand that every story has characters, settings, plots and problems and we see that our lives are stories.

Seems to be me that Children’s books are not only good for children, but for the adults who read them to the children.

If you haven’t read one lately, find a child (there’s plenty around!) and read to them.


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