Writing in by the sea

Hawaii Notes:

This morning the mobile writing studio got to sit next to the ocean, the writer distracted only by the waves crashing on the rocks, birds singing loudly, and sun rising in the East.

I know, I should probably do that every day, but that would be a one hour drive round trip which would lead to less writing time and more driving.

Why did it happen this morning?  I should extend a personal thank you to the county bus for not operating on July 5th.

Well, it is a National holiday, I know.  So I had to drive Eldest to work.  Better to drive your kid to work than to let her think the bus not running is a decent excuse to call in sick.  It’s not.

Writing Notes: 2, 196 words added, 2 scenes, 2.5  hours

Week five has begun.  I have 20 more scenes to write and three more weeks (15 days) to write.

At three scenes per day, I’m hoping to have this revision (#3) done by next week Thursday.

From there, I’m going to print and figure out exactly where the individual scenes need to be in the total manuscript and then do the “smoothing” revision in which I will need to make sure there are transitions into and out of each scene.  This will also be a good time to check that the characters have the same names, hair color and background stories from beginning to end.  🙂


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