Just keep writing, Just keep writing..

It was a good day today.  Clear skies, warm sun, lots of tourists.

I wrote 3.5 scenes and 2, 271 words in four hours.

It amazes me how focused I can remain for the entire four hours.

I drink coffee,  eat 1/2 peanut butter sandwich and pee about twice.

Other than that, I stare out the window or pick my fingernails and think of clues to drop, things for characters to say and write, write, write.

It feels good.

I’m glad that my high school instituted typing class my senior year and I was forced to learn to type.

16 more scenes to write!!


2 thoughts on “Just keep writing, Just keep writing..”

  1. I used to say it was the best thing I learned in HS. Now I know there were other great things I learned like social skills, Algebra, and how to write! I bet there are online or CD classes you could take.

  2. I wish I learned how to type the correct way. Whenever the fliers for adult classes in the area are mailed out, I always check the keyboarding schedule.

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