A Good Day for the beach

It was a great day for the beach.  DH went hunting.  The kids and I went down to Pahala to get some errands done and meet up with him.

Except that he didn’t get out of the woods until ten and then he cleaned his gun, finally meeting up with us at noon.

We were done our errands by nine, so we played at the playground, ate ice cream and then headed for the beach.

Sunny skies, crashing waves, a small protected pond.

Nice kids who shared their floating boards.  Black  sand, warm water.  A sprinkler for Littlest to run through.

We had fun.  Yippeee!

And, I didn’t write until 5:45 pm when I hauled myself (pushed by ever supportive DH) to the overlook.

I wrote 1, 050 new words and one nice big scene.

DH said I should stay out until 7:45, but it got pretty dark out there and I packed up and got home just in time for homemade pizza supper at 7:30.

Still pushing toward the goals, it is OK for life to intervene sometimes.  Don’t make it a habit! 🙂

Speaking of habits, I’ve been thinking about what I will do when school starts again (it’s only three weeks away.)

I would love to continue this writing habit.  I don’t think the manuscript will be completely ready to submit to agents or publishers.   It will probably need some more spit shining.   And even when it is totally done, there’s always the next book.

I’ve devised all sorts of plans through the years like trying to write during lunch break or for one hour after school is over.  These never seem to work because school is so overpowering, there is always so much to do.

I’m thinking about getting up at four am instead of my normal five.  Can I do it?  Will one hour per day be useful or should I try and find three or four hours in a row on one day?


4 thoughts on “A Good Day for the beach”

  1. I agree that you will have to try both and see what works for you. I would have trouble with the 1 hour a day because I can see myself just getting into it and then having to stop. but our brains work differently-so see what works for you! LOL

  2. Maybe you should try both. Do the hour in the morning for a while— long enough to see if you can adjust yourself to waking at 4am— and then try the 3-4 hours a day for a while. That way, you’ll have a better idea of which you prefer.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Missy. It’s good to know someone is reading my blog! I think 3-4 hours on one day might be better too, but how will I accomplish that?

  4. Kris, I’d go with 3-4 hrs in one day. I find no matter how early I get up my morning is still consumed with getting eyes open, brain to function, then thinking of everything I have to do that day. I am not able to just wake up and focus, then again I could never go to your overlook and focus either. Ahh, ADD you gotta love it. Good luck with this one.

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