Six and one half hours today!

Writing notes: This morning started out fairly normal, I dropped Eldest at the bus stop and went to the overlook.  DH was planning to leave the house pretty early to launch a friend’s boat down at the beach.  He called about 6 o’clock and told me he and the Littlest and MS were on their way.  I figured, well, if no one was at home and I could control my internet tendencies, I’d rather be plugged into power, cruising on my back porch.  So I went home. It cut about an hour out of my writing time to pack up, drive home, make fresh coffee and print out the latest scenes.  But then, my family didn’t come home.  They stayed at the beach all day, frolicking in the lovely Pacific.  I wrote, printed, organized and plotted.  I only added1, 967 words today, but I put all of the new scenes I’ve been writing for Arc 2 and 3 in order and Yippee..It’s starting to look like a book.  What a relief.

Writing Discovery:  Instead of messing around with chapter numbers or names, or some sort of commenting system in “track changes,”  use the document map (under “view”).  Word will pick up anything that looks like a title and stick it in the little outline map so you can see what sections are where.  I changed all of my chapter numbers to little synopses of the content (ex. ELI TRIES TO WRITE MUSIC)

To my beloved and devoted Readers: Thank you Thank you Thank you.  Those of you who comment, those of you who “like” on FB, those of you who subscribe and have me on your readers, those of you who notice, you can not comprehend how much it means to me to see your responses.  You can not comprehend how much your responses mean to me. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Six and one half hours today!”

  1. A male friend of mine once compared writing a book to birth. I told him he had no idea what went into birth, but now I’m thinking that I didn’t consciously have to work through each bit of the gestation. “Hmmm…should the eye go here, exactly what color should it be?” And remember the details all the way through!
    Littlest calls me “writer.”

  2. I thank you Kristin, I never realized what it takes to write a book. It’s awesome being able to follow along during these many steps. I also love seeing how your family plays such an important,supporting role. Getting to know them through your posts, awesome!!

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