10 nene geese come to visit

Hawaii Notes:

Everyday as I sit in the van at the overlook, I log in my journal what time the nene geese fly over.

The nene is Hawai’i’s state bird and although there are more now that they’ve become protected, they are still an endangered species.  They nest on the ground, which invites mongoooses (not mongeese 🙂 to eat their eggs.  Sometimes they are also hit by cars or attacked by feral cats.  Supposedly, a few Canadian geese flew off course (way off course) and evolved into the nene.  Nene fly in a V formation when there are more than three.  Living on lava rock and eating ohelo and pukeawe berries, they have lost the webbing between their toes.  Want to know more?

What made today  spectacular was that after the nene flew over to the Northeast, as they do every morning,  they flew back and landed right between my van and the overlook.  Yes, they are ground nesting birds that eat berries on the ground, but this was the  first time since I’ve been writing at the overlook that they have done  anything besides fly over.

It was a moment. I snuck out of the van and went to the overlook and watched them.  I even chatted with some visitors from Kona.

Writing Notes: 1,390 words, 3.5 hours, 2 new scenes written/3 scenes revised.

A great end to week 5.


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