It is minutes before nine pm.  I am freshly showered.  My legs feel a little sore from brisk walking and stretching.  Two kids are at sleepovers and one is asleep.  DH is on his way home from dropping a kid off.  My blog is nearly done.

Yes,  it was a good day.

We made a Middle Eastern feast just for fun.  We hung out on the futon on the back porch and read tons of new books from the library.   Littlest and I went over to a friend’s to hang out.

Time to go hang out with the DH.  Aloha!


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  1. I happened to be doing a bit of work-related researching in Yahoo today and ran into this web site. I have to admit that I’ve gotten a lttle bit distracted going through and looking at some of your articles… I ought to probably be doing work. Terrific stuff here and I’m going to be around again in the future to read more. Best wishes!

    1. mskriswolf says:

      Thank you and welcome. Are you a writer?

  2. mskriswolf says:

    We were experimenting with different tastes because we’re getting bored with our own cooking. 🙂
    So, I made naan (Indian flat bread) and he made lentil stew with carrots, mustard greens and stew meat. Oh, and couscous. Yum!

  3. Liana says:

    Middle Eastern food? That DOES sound fun! What kinds of food did y’all cook?

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