Tofu enchiladas?

DH and Littlest let me sleep in this morning while they went to market.  Ah, how sweet.  I didn’t get out of bed until nine am!

I took Littlest, MS and two of their friends hiking at the National Park today.  We walked on the trail that I look at everyday from my movable studio.  It was a Fun hike and then we cruised at Jagger Museum for an hour or so.

Then..DH made the bomb tofu enchiladas for dinner.

What a day!

Tomorrow, back at it.  Eldest is done working so I’ll have to get up and get out as well as possible..on my own.  But that means I can get to the writing a little earlier and get back home to the family earlier.


3 thoughts on “Tofu enchiladas?”

  1. Liana- tofu is an amazing thing, my DH is very good at using it when there’s no meat defrosted! (Our microwave is broken.)

    Erika- I did it, thanks for the encouragement. I was more tired than usual, had to fight falling asleep. Don’t know what that was about!

  2. I liked tofu when I was very, very young, but not at all after some point early on in elementary school. I only began eating tofu again about nine years ago. Love it now.

  3. good luck being motivated to get up without Kia waiting! that will be an adjustment!
    I’m sure you can do it!! :0)

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