Genre crisis

Hawaii Notes: Yes, I was up at 5 and writing by 544.  yipeee! It was a beautiful sunrise and a day with almost no tourists.  I only saw 4 nene geese, but I think I was concentrating too hard.

Writing Notes: Today was fact checking day.  I checked out Police Procedural and The Writer’s Complete Crime Reference Book from the library a few days ago and today I cruised through my manuscript doing all the fact checking I’ve been putting off for a long time.  Now I had to face the realities of police officers not getting search warrants in advance, suspects not being booked or questioned correctly and court dates being set way too close to the crime date.

And you know how much I love details.  Ug.

Plus there is the little voice in my head muttering, “I thought this was a ‘cozy’ mystery, not a ‘police procedural.”  Which sub genre’s rules will I follow?  This is called genre-crisis.  Yuck.

I decided to keep working on the fact checking and to put the genre crisis issue on the back burner and not scrap the whole manuscript and start again.  No. That will not happen.

I did get in 4 hours and 35 minutes. I did add 479 words and work out most of the fact checking issues.

There are still a few leering ones like, would a judge put a high profile murder suspect on house arrest instead of just making him stay in jail?  Let’s hope readers will suspend their belief for that one!

Oh, if you’re still wondering what are the rules of cozy vs. police procedural..check it out.

Cozy Mysteries versus Police Procedural


11 thoughts on “Genre crisis”

  1. A “public personality”, then? Can’t go anywhere unrecognized or at least unreported? Like, if they got caught drunk driving, they’d be in the news even though not everyone knows what they look like? Celebrity! I think…

  2. I’d believe that a judge would put a high profile criminal under house arrest; it’s not like a “celebrity” can go anywhere, plus with ankle bracelets… But, I think more often than not, judges would want to prove a point that the celebrity isn’t receiving special treatment.

  3. I’m pretty sure that there have been high profile criminals that are just on house arrest…I’D believe it! 🙂 I’m pretty nieve to that kinda stuff tho…maybe someone else better weigh in on that…

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