Words flow

Writing Notes: Some days are so sweet.  The words flow from my fingertips.  I can picture myself writing like this for the rest of my life.  Today I created 2,103 words and four scenes.  I finished off the ending.  I started cleaning up the pieces that I’ve been brushing under the rug.

Later, at home, I read a great blog post by Nathan Brasford, Literary Agent.  I read all 139 comments because the varied ideas people proposed are fascinating (and my children were somehow otherwise occupied!)

What do you think?  Why is it so hard to tell if our own writing is good or not?

I think that it’s because (like painting, cooking, music composition, facebook, etc.) we want someone to interact with what we write, we want someone to read the finished product.  Yes, I could send off finished manuscripts to my loyal blog readers, I could publish chapters on my blog, I could send out email sections.

And I still might.

But part of the writing process is to have professional editors edit and guide the further revision of a piece and then publish it in some public format for sale.

Isn’t that the goal of writing?

I write because I love to.  I’m old enough to know that life is too short to mess around with things I don’t love.  I’ve been writing seriously for ten years.  I don’t write in a vacuum.  I write for my readers.  My blog readers, my critique group readers, the people who bought my first book (102 Reading Response Lessons).

I will keep on writing and revising until I get this one published.

But even then, I will keep on writing.


4 thoughts on “Words flow”

  1. Its just like everything else – some days good, some days not.but I think for u,most days, you have lots of well thought ideas & perfect words ready to be put on paper! Keep on swimming!

  2. Haha. I was thinking about the Dan Brown comparison in the wrong way. I was too concerned with being linked to his lame choices in subject matter. Or is he actually a bad writer, too? Ugh. Never read his books, so “my bad”, but “The Da Vinci Code”? Really?

  3. I did that writing analysis thang to see which writer I write like, and my result was Dan Brown. Me disappointed. I’m not a writer, so I guess I shouldn’t be too affected, but I am. :p

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