A good whine

Is it OK if I whine?  Just once?

See, the summer is nearly over-6 non  working weekdays left.

The book is not done- it’s at about 57,000 words and needs to be at least 70,000.

And it’s not only word count that makes a great mystery novel- it needs rounded, interesting characters, an intriguing plot that makes you want to keep on reading, sensory details, great dialogue and a fantastic setting.

Today sucked.  I got to the overlook at 6- not too bad, and could only write until 815 because I made a dentist appointment for Eldest at 10 in Hilo  (I call that shooting myself in the foot.)

I revised, which is good, but I cut more words than I created, which is bad.

On Tuesday, DH said I should write on Saturday morning, but today he made plans to hunt someone’s nuisance wild pigs in the morning.

My family in Pennsylvania is going to Bethany Beach for the week together and I would normally be there, but this summer I’m not.

I guess it’s been that kind of week.  I’ll keep on chugging along, you know I will.  But sometimes, a good whine is just what I needed.  Thanks for listening.


7 thoughts on “A good whine

  1. erika says:

    Don’t be discouraged about the book. You r doing unbelievably well. The progress u r making while raising 3 kids (4 if u count DH) & holding a full time job is inspiring. You r right that the part that totally sucks is that u r not coming to the beach with us! 😦
    But the book is awesome & I CANNOT wait to read it! I’m ready to reserve my copy! Keep writing & smiling! I see you in Morgan more & more everyday!

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