Lovely day

Writing notes:  DH and Eldest went fishing last night and didn’t get home until noon.  Obviously, I couldn’t write. Littlest is not at a stage where I can concentrate on a single sentence without being interrupted.

Well, I did just write those two previous sentences, but she is in the bath and she interrupted to ask me if she could make her own water gun.  (Answer: no.)

I’m a bit frustrated at missing two days of writing in my last non work week of summer. Next week, I have to work Monday and Tuesday to attend a special data training.  The week after I have to work Wednesday and Thursday, the teacher days before school starts.  School officially starts on August 2 and from there on in, it’ll be work work work.

As I write this I see that I should be looking at the part of the glass that is half full.  I’m going to focus on the positive and be thankful for so many days off and that in the next two weeks, I only work four days.  See how good blogging is for me?

Hawaii notes:  Sick of kids plopped in front of PBS kids on such a gorgeous day, I scooped up Littlest and MS and took off for a hike.  They always want to go to the lava tube (a long walkthrough cave), so I had to convince them to try something new.  MS was just moody.  We drove up Mauna Loa strip road to the “loop trail,” a short one mile loop through a native forest.  It was closed because of falling trees.  Bummer.  But, alas, the gate to the strip road was open.

Now everyone was into it, driving through the koa forest, watching for the cattleguards.  We drove up to the lookout- 10 miles and a 2,000 foot elevation gain.  Beautiful views of smoking lava at Halema’uma’u Crater, Pu’u O’o and further down the coast going into the ocean.  From up there, it looks like billowing white smoke.  Between those, we saw the subdivision where we live!  Next time, we’ll bring binoculars.  We hiked a small way down a trail near the lookout and then we headed up the main trail towards the top of Mauna Loa (summit 13,756 feet).  Dry, rocky and gorgeous.  We found a cave the perfect size for Littlest to walk into.  Lovely day.

Even if this post was the only thing I wrote.


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