The Perfect Day

If you were ever wondering what would make a perfect day- here’s the rundown :

Sleep in until 7.

Coffee, scrambled eggs on the sunny deck.

Some sweet, helpful, encouraging comments to my blog post.

A phone call from mom.

Water fight with all the kids.

Great leftovers for lunch/snacks, no one has to cook.

Good moods abounding.

Digging, planting, communing in the garden.

Chickens eating worms.

A little nap and time to read.

Volcano guava/grape wine on the deck with DH while Littlest naps and MS hangs with a friend.

A good friend makes it to her destination.

Another good friend returns tomorrow.

Lasagna for dinner!

While the oven’s hot, throw in some oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies!

A good rain to end it all.

Get the kids to bed and cruise with my dear husband.


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