Sixtieth Blog Post

Up at Four, out the door by 430, looking good, doing great.

Drove to Hilo, directly to Starbucks, arrived at 5.

I wasn’t sure what time they opened and there was not a single car in the lot.  I parked and set up the mobile writing studio.

520-540:  I wrote the blog entry for yesterday using Starbucks free wifi that even reaches the parking lot.

Then I noticed a person walk through the front door of Starbucks.  Ah ha, they were open.  It was dark, you know.

I packed up and went inside and wrote from 6-713.  I revised up to page eight on this “flyover” of the manuscript.  I added 363 words (not bad).

713-800: I ate a Starbucks breakfast sandwich and drank a “Hint” water (very delicious and refreshing).  I talked to Littlest and DH on the phone. I used the restroom.  I packed up again and went to work.

I am not happy with this progress, I only spent 1  1/4 hours actually writing.  But on the other hand, I got up at four two days in a row (about six hours sleep each night) and made it through my trainings and the rest of my day without going nuts on my poor long-suffering family.

Yesterday I squeezed in two hours and today 1, so those are three hours that I wouldn’t have been writing (normally).

Once school starts, I wonder if I will be able  to rise at 4 and write from 4-5??  Could happen!

Tomorrow is writing group!! Jackie is finally home from the mainland.  YIPPEEE!!!!


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