hiatus decision

I missed a day of blogging last night and went on a date with my DH.

I haven’t worked hard on the novel since Monday.

I have to start back to work this Monday.

I don’t want to make my self (and my poor family) nuts by starting off the school year sleep deprived.

BUT, I want to get this revision done and ready.  When the book is as great as I can make it I’ll be able to enter contests, submit queries to agents, let some people read it, and truly represent the book as complete.

I want to get it there.

And November is the next National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.com) and Jackie and I decided we would start compiling rough outlines, character and plot notes during our next vacation the first week of October.

Seems like a good idea to get this one finished before starting the next.

How will I get it done?  I think I’ll need about three more read throughs to get everything the way I want it.  I’ve thought about early morning writing, more focused writer’s group writing, late night writing…I’m not sure what works best while I’m teaching.  I’ll guess I’ll just have to try.

I will continue to blog about it.  But I won’t blog about it everyday like I have been, probably more like a few times a week.  And, I’m giving myself a break right now. I’ll be back next week..around Thursday or so.

If you want to be sure not to miss the next blog, add it to your igoogle or your blog reader through the RSS link.  Or send me a note and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for all of your support, see you next week.



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