The new commitment

Ok, school has been in session for three weeks, I’ve already been over-trained, evaluated and inundated with paperwork. I need to swim to the top (not race to the top) and make some time for this novel to be DONE.  Right?


Here are some possible plans:

1) Get up earlier than 5.  Sounds hard.

2) Stay up later than 10.  Sounds harder- I see myself falling asleep typing.

3) Find an hour or even a half our during the day before picking up the kids-  possibly lunch time? Usually I work and network during lunch.

4) Get littlest down by 7 every time and write from 7-8 pm giving her 10 hours of sleep and me one hour to write.  Would need to get dinner on the table by 5:30, finish eating by 6, bath, book, boob done by 7.

5)  Leave work at 3, get home by 3:45, write until 4:45, pick kids up at 5.  Daycare serves dinner at 5 and it’s hard to pull the kids away from that, plus it feels like taking advantage and not spending time with the kids.

Alright, I hope you don’t mind me thinking while writing :)..but I think #4 is the winner.  Dinner planned, cooked and eaten by 6, Littlest to bed by 7.  Some concerns:  Will my brain work as well at that late hour?  I think I can force it to!

Ok, tomorrow is Monday 8/30 (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad) and I will come home and cook, get dinner on the table by 5:30.  I will write from 7-8 .  I will do this every day of the week and I will blog about it once a week on Saturday or Sunday.

Go ahead:  WISH ME LUCK!! Thanks!