Week One: Writing Happens!

I’m stoked.  My plan didn’t work perfectly, but altogether this week I was able to work for 4 hours and 30  minutes.  Never mind that the four hours happened today and the 30 minutes is an accumulation of the entire week.  That isn’t nearly as important.

I was able to email my book to free.kindle and they sent it back in “kindle” format and I USB’d it to my kindle.  Yippee!

So I’ve been reading it like a “real” book and making notes on the Kindle where there are grammatical errors or other issues.

Monday 8/30:  12 minutes before being called by a dear friend who I needed to talk to.

Tuesday 8/31:  Tried, but fell asleep

Wednesday 9/1:  Forgot all about it.

Thursday 9/2:  Maybe 15 minutes

Friday 9/3:  My eyes kept on shutting

Saturday 9/4:  Fell Asleep

Sunday 9/5:  815-1215 Writing time in the National Park–  DH went hunting Friday night and didn’t get home until 1230 on Saturday (19 hours!) so he thought I’d better have some writing time this weekend.  Yippeee!  That works great for me.  On three-day weekends it’s very do-able.  Two day weekends feel so short.

Today I read almost half of the book.  Good news:  I like it!  Bad news:  There are still a few parts that need rewrites and editing.  Maybe two more read throughs until I’m done.  I feel like a mother trying to wean her first-born in order to conceive the second.  (Yes- this is purely metaphorical.  I’m getting ready for NaNoWriMo in November- a new novel!!)

I worked in my van at my favorite lookout until it got warm and I got sleepy.  Then I moved to sit on a boulder under a tree, my new secret hideout!

Another theme I’m noticing in the novel is how technology affects detection (police work).  My main character thinks he has to explain Facebook, little does he know the police have been trained in how to use it.  I wonder if our police officers have been?

Goal for this week (9/6):  Finish complete read through.

Goal for the week after (9/13): Make revisions needed

Goal for the week after that (9/20):  Share printed (or Kindled) book with “first readers”


4 thoughts on “Week One: Writing Happens!”

  1. good job on getting some writing & reading time over the week! you are inspiring. today i’m going to do some cleaning so i have no excuse over this week.

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