Week Three- Rocking along!!

So, there I was in my van at my favorite overlook revising and some thoughts were rolling around in my head.

Here’s One:  What should I be doing with this blog that I’m not? My readership has fallen off since summer and I’m not feeling the love. This could be because my blog is boring and self centered.  I know lately I’ve only been reporting my challenges and successes as far as time management and revision.  But even when I asked if anyone wanted to read the book…I only got one decent response. And then I came home and checked the blogs I read on google.  And, just to prove that you get what you ask for…

Mentoring opportunity!!!

How awesome would that be?  An experience literary blogger whose work I love (have YOU been to Bookshelf Muse.com lately?) who could mentor me on my online platform, query letters, getting published, ETC!!!  So, here I am working on winning this opportunity!  I think it’s by random drawing..but you know I’m the “luckiest girl in the world”..so I guess, if it’s meant to be..it WILL!

Writing report:

Tuesday 9/14:  I had a special meeting that started later than usual, so I squeezed in 1/2 hour Before Work, 1/2 hour at lunch break and 15 minutes at home for a grand Tuesday total of 1 hr 15 minutes.  Must have been a hard-working day since my friend Dar Mashino was laboring away to produce little Dylan!  Congrats to Dar and Dayne!

Friday 9/17:  Poetry Slam at Volcano Art Center– got home at 9, everyone was asleep and I was stoked!  I worked for 1 1/2 hours!!!

Saturday 9/18:  Today- DH and the family let me sneak out to the overlook for 3 hours, 45 minutes!!!

I’m excited and making real progress on the revision of the novel.  Of course, the more I work, the more I see.  It’s a little like cleaning. Move something..dirt under there..clean that..more dirt next to it..

So, when I finish this revision based on the complete readthrough on my Kindle, I want to do one or two more “fly overs” adding metaphors/similes and doing a final spell/grammar check.

I hope to be on that read through very soon…I’ll just keep on finding time where I can!

National Novel Writer’s Month is coming up in November..another novel will be written..and I want this one completely done before then.


5 thoughts on “Week Three- Rocking along!!”

  1. Jumped over from Nancy Curteman’s blog, always love
    finding other awesome woman writers to connect with. I let blogging get in the way with my manuscript writing and it should be the other way around, or I’ll never get this thing finished. See you around!

    1. Awesome to meet you! Yes, I had to drop my blogging to once a week from once a day over the summer since I’m back at my teaching job. I try to spend less than 1/2 hour on my blog a week and more than 4 hours per week on my manuscript. What type of manuscript are you writing?

      1. My current project is an epic fantasy novel, similar to Jordan or Goodkind (although at this point severely lacking in more ways than I can count, sigh, that’s what revising is for!)

        What are you currently working on?

  2. sounds like your inner critque is messing with your blog. what’s YOUR purpose for your blog? Reflection? Release? Planning? practice in discipline? No “shoulds”.

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