National Novel Writing Month begins November First!!

Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) begins in just a few days.  Yesterday, my husband caught on that this would be a month of me at a keyboard and he in the house.  Being the darling that he is (very supportive of my passions), he shrugged and said, “That again?”

Even if you have no interest in writing a novel this month, is a fascinating website chock full of writerly enthusiasm.

Benefits of writing a novel this month?

Here’s my top ten list:

1.  You really never know what will come out of your fingertips onto that screen.  Get to know your subconscious that much better.

2.  Write that novel you always wanted to, or wondered if you could.

3.  Camaraderie for the sake of art, both by physically writing with other wrimos or just through the energetic online community.

4.  Just do it isn’t only for athletes.

5.  What better excuse to drink way too much coffee and eat chocolate than, “I just wrote 5,000 words!!?”

6.  Election day, Veteran’s day and Thanksgiving- between the normal festivities..CREATE!

7.  You’ll love yourself in the morning.  Although your forearms may hate you.

8.  You can self publish it on and sell copies for less than five bucks!

9.  30 days goes by so fast, what if, before you even start your Christmas shopping, you could finish a novel?  dude!

10.  I’ll be there!!  with chocolate.  My nano login name is mskriswolf.  If you’re there, let’s be buddies!