The self/e publishing revolution, DUDE!

I love WRITER’s GROUP Days…Time to hang out with my best buddies, Darlene and Jackie.  Time to drink coffee  cup after cup after cup.  Time to eat guacamole from the avocados that grow on Jackie’s farm.  Time to WRITE.

Today, I had to get some work done for my real other job (four day weekend ends today.)   Then I read a few blogs that I  follow.

That led to  super excitment about the new information flowing between my synapses.  Wooo Hooooo!

I learned:

When an author can get readers to buy their books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or, the author can make 60 to 70 percent of the money paid toward their work of art.  Brick and mortar “traditional” publishers pay much much less than this because they have overhead (editors, designers, publicists, rent, profit, etc.)  This is why I only made $3 per copy of my first book. OUCH.

What authors do that?  Meet Amanda Hocking, aka, the 99 cent millionaire.  She couldn’t get a publisher to pick up her books, so she self published and voila!  You can download her books from her site to your Kindle or Nook OR you can order a paperback which will be generated through and mailed to you.

There’s also Barry Eisler, who recently brought it all to a head by turning down a half million dollar two book contract in favor of epublishing.   Read his conversation with Joe Konrath on why it makes sense.

Then, I found the ultimate book/blog site-, another site helping readers to find blogs  by and about books, ebooks and authors.

And, if you’re not already reading Nathan Bransford’s blog, you should!  He explains the finances of this revolution so well in his recent posts, as well as his great insights into writing.

If you’re not as excited about this as I, may I recommend a cup of Ka’u coffee?


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